As a therapist, I work to ‘clear the attic’ for new parents. It’s an amazing opportunity to examine your childhood and work out what you want to rid yourself of, what you want to take with you to parenting, and what other options (parenting models) there are. We also work through values and beliefs so in the ‘storms’ ahead, you and your partner are on same page!

This work, as well as looking at self-care, support networks and how to cope with shifts in relationships is core to your future happiness. Another rite of passage is a led hypnosis in which you get to say goodbye to the ‘you’ before you have children, and welcome/visualise the future.


The earlier you start the better – we recommend that you book your course to begin when you are around 25 weeks pregnant onwards. Don’t worry if you are earlier, or later than this date – you can contact us if you have any questions.


Our hypnobirthing courses are also great for birth partners (even those who may be slightly skeptical of hypnobirthing!), and they will be taught about the realities of birth, their role in pregnancy and labour, how they can support their partner, and how they can practice the scripts as well. The courses are a chance for you to come together, to learn how to work as a team through your birth and be part of the wider decision making process.

Previous couples that have attended our hypnobirthing courses have experienced a more positive birth and felt empowered and happy with their birth experience – whatever route it has taken.