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Hypnobirthing therapist in South London - Elizabeth Knights-Trench

Elizabeth Knights Trench


A friend told me about hypnotherapy eighteen years ago and I became fascinated with the concept of hypnosis. Despite the neurological explanations, I’m still amazed how it can help people see things in a completely different way. I started running birthing and parenting workshops when my sister begged me to help her prepare for her birth. I realised that with my training in therapy, hypnobirthing, my peculiar mix of hippy and practical, and of course having had a great birth experience myself – I really can help others. I ran a ‘tester’ workshop with three couples and the feedback was so good that I decided to roll it out.

The Barefoot Hypno team - Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson

Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga Teacher

Emma is a down to earth pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher. For the last five years, she has been sharing tips and tools to help women feel more comfortable, confident and in control of their birth experience. A mum of two very lively boys of her own, she brings her personal experience of two very different births and the feedback and experience of all the women she has supported through their pregnancies and births over the years to help you have the best birth possible for you and your family.

The Barefoot Hypno team - Karine

Karine Stephenson

Nutritional Therapist

As a mum of two young children, Karine knows what it feels like to juggle work, parenthood and not find time for oneself. It can make you feel stressed, exhausted and unwell! She believes that every family can improve their nutrition and regain vitality and health, and so she used her own experience and training to provide you with simple tools to get on the road to better overall wellbeing.

The Barefoot Hypno team - Francois Jordan

Francoise Jordan

Reflexology and Kinesiology

Francois has been a practising reflexologist in South London for over 10 years now, and in that time she also gained extensive experience in maternity reflexology. She qualified as a practitioner in Kinesiology with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 2003. Francois has been passionate about health care and the body’s innate ability to restore its own balance for many years. Through nutritional advice, emotional release techniques and light structural remedials, she facilitates the body’s own ability to achieve wellbeing, and enjoys empowering her patients with a better knowledge of their own body’s mechanisms. This enables them to take charge of their own health and maintain their physical, mental and emotional balance.