Private Sessions

Private sessions are available in the comfort of your own home

My classes are unique because they include a therapy element to ‘clear the attic’ to prepare for parenting but also to coach awareness of values, beliefs and the parenting and relationship model you want to create going forward.

My sessions also include teachings on nutrition, acupressure, massage, birth plans, pain relief, guided hypnosis and coaching in self-hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness. There’s also advice on essential ‘must-haves’, do’s, don’ts, self-care, and avoiding the ‘buying trap’. This course is a holistic approach to not just birthing but becoming a parent too.

What we cover:

  • Re-learning to trust our bodies
  • Breathing techniques for all stages
  • Birthing positions and movement
  • Guided hypnosis (therapy)
  • Pain relief; self-hypnosis and visualisation
  • Birthing partner’s role
  • Tailoring your birth plan
  • Massage, acupressure and touch
  • Nutrition for birthing prep

Guided Hypnosis (Therapy)

What we cover:

  • Parenting, values, beliefs and family harmony
  • The first six weeks; keeping it calm and happy
  • Self-care: it’s not all about the newborn!
  • Eco-homes: simple, home-made baby, cleaning and washing products
  • Tapping technique and other tricks to prevent exhaustion and anxiety


2 x three hour sessions – £450