The Barefoot Hypno

As a therapist, my classes are a unique combination of hypnotherapy, natural birthing techniques and parenting advice, information and resources. My belief is we all have it in us to birth without fear or pain, we all have inner wisdom to tap into when it comes to growing a newborn, and we all need to re-learn that we can trust ourselves to make decisions that are best for us, our lives and our baby.

Your journey with me is an incredible adventure; investigating what childhood ‘baggage’ you may want to clear before becoming a parent, re-learning skills and techniques for an amazing birthing experience, how to not just survive but enjoy those first six weeks, and (through hypnosis) preparing yourself emotionally for when two (you and your partner) become three.

Elizabeth Knights-Trench

Hypnobirthing therapist in South London - Elizabeth Knights-Trench

Welcome to The Barefoot Hypno – A Holistic Approach To Hypnobirthing