“Our wellbeing is dependent on the quality of our social interactions – to support you on this parenting journey, you need to find your tribe.”

As a therapist, I often ask clients about their social lives: Who do you love? How often do you see them? How often do you go out? There is a neuro-biological reason behind this (and if you’re interested, read about the ‘Polyvagal theory) because this theory proves wellbeing is dependent on social interactions. That means it’s not just nice to have friends, it’s necessary to our confidence, happiness and sense of wellbeing.

So whether you naturally want to find your tribe (aka like-minded people with similar due dates) or you need a bit of a push, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing so. When I was pregnant and when I then had my baby, I refused to hang out with someone ‘just because’ they were also pregnant or had a baby, but I was always on the lookout for ‘my tribe’ – people I found interesting, supportive, a little alternative, who also happened to have a baby. In essence, people I would want to hang out with even if they didn’t have a baby. Most of the people I found, are still my best friends today.

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