“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,
and the rational mind is a faithful
servant. We have created a society
that honours the servant and has
forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

The Barefoot Hypno – Hypnobirthing in South London

As a therapist, my classes are a unique combination of hypnotherapy, natural birthing techniques and parenting advice, information and resources.

My belief is we all have it in us to birth without fear or pain, we all have inner wisdom to tap into when it comes to growing a newborn, and we all need to re-learn that we can trust ourselves to make decisions that are best for us, our lives and our baby.

Your journey with me is an incredible adventure; investigating what childhood ‘baggage’ you may want to clear before becoming a parent, re-learning skills and techniques for an amazing birthing experience, how to not just survive but enjoy those first six weeks, and (through hypnosis) prepare yourself emotionally for when two (you and your partner) become three.

Elizabeth Knights-Trench – The Barefoot Hypno


So many pregnant women are scared and nervous not only of giving birth but how to manage with a baby. This is such a shame and it wasn’t always this way. Way back, when we lived in basic communities, by the time we had a baby, we would have seen and helped with so much being born, we would have listened to stories, been given advice around the campfire, and birthed our baby without fear.


As a therapist, I work to ‘clear the attic’ for new parents. It’s an amazing opportunity to examine your childhood and work out what you want to rid yourself of, what you want to take with you to parenting, and what other options (parenting models) there are. We also work through values and beliefs so in the ‘storms’ ahead, you and your partner are on the same page.

Advice & Resources

I combine hypnobirthing and therapy with very practical information and advice on breastfeeding, the ‘essentials’, and how not to get sucked into the consumer trap, as well as resources to help you and your partner enjoy those very special first weeks and months of your baby’s life.

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“I help parents go ‘back to instincts’. We simply have to re-learn what our bodies already know. We have to trust ourselves and trust our bodies to do exactly what they’re designed to do.” The Barefoot Hypno